DigiHandset has channel selection switches, Emergency STOP, GO and RESET buttons and a simple intuitive display to communicate the status of the controller. As soon as the handset is plugged into a DigiHoist it will begin the auto addressing process. A solid blue status indicator above each channel states that a chain hoist is connected and ready to use.

The RESET button is used to acknowledge and reset a fault condition within the motor controller, it will flash when action is required. The GO button is used to initiate hoist movement, it will only illuminate if movement is possible.

If, for example, the system is in a reset state or if a selected channel has a fault then the GO button will not illuminate.


  • Features

    • The Starburst LED display provides status information about the system in addition to the indicators on the handset
    • Group Halt. A group is defined as any hoists that are active on the system. If a group of hoists are moving and one of them develops a fault, all movement will be stopped
    • Handset menu can be used to modify operating parameters
    • Menu is navigated using three buttons labelled M, Up and Down
    • Direction Indicators:
      • Red ON, down selected
      • Red OFF, no direction selected
      • Red FLASHING, down selected and a down limit has been hit. Same criteria for UP with green arrow
    • Blue status indicators provide information regarding the status of the hoist connected to that channel:
      • ON, a hoist is present on that channel
      • OFF, no hoist detected
      • FLASHING, a problem has been detected with the hoist on that channel