About us

Kinesys is a technology company specialising in the design, build and sale of motion control systems for the entertainment industry. These skills go hand in hand with a service-driven approach to our clients and a keen desire to listen to and act upon feedback from users ‘in the field’.

About Kinesys


Our focus is on supplying products designed and built to the highest quality. Meticulous care and attention at every stage of manufacture results in systems that are robust, hard-wearing and above all reliable providing years of trouble-free service, be it on the road or installed in a venue.


The right features where they are needed and when they are needed form the core of our design. Constant feedback from end users ensures that our products are some of the easiest to use on the market enabling users to spend less time setting up the equipment and more time using it.


Even the easiest to use and most reliable equipment will need support from time to time. We understand this and offer a second to none service to our customers. Helpful, knowledgeable and free technical support is always available as well as product training either on-site or at our facility.

We are a global company with a long history of providing the right solutions to companies worldwide.

Dave Weatherhead


Dave co-founded Kinesys in 2003 after his previous industry experience highlighted a gap in the market for premium quality automation products backed up with exceptional service.  His time is now focussed on creating a company that not only creates great automation products but also a great environment to work in.

Dave and his 5 year old daughter both started Karate at the same time.  Dave hopes that he can get to black belt before she does.

Kate Powell

Operations Manager

Kate leads the customer team at Kinesys.  She oversees the day to day operations ensuring that everything runs smoothly from quotation and order right through to delivery and shipping.

As if that wasn’t enough Kate is also first in line to taste-test any cakes that come into the office.  This is worked off by regularly kayaking around the waterways of the UK.

Dan DuFaur

Technical Sales Engineer

Dan produces quotes for customers as well as system diagrams to help explain how the list of products all connect together to make Kinesys systems.  He also puts together the product manuals that help explain how everything works.

A self-confessed Comicon junkie Dan’s knowledge of obscure Star Wars references is unrivalled.  His metitucously detailed and hand-crafted Ghostbusters outfit at Halloween is also something to see.

Heather Hobbs

Financial Controller

Heather heads up the finance department which is in charge of keeping all our books in order and ensuring that everyone gets paid, both staff and suppliers.  With two companies in different continents, customers across the world and numerous different curriences to juggle there is a rarely a quiet moment in that part of the office.

Heather leads the walking club at lunchtimes and we mean literally leads.  She walks so fast that no one is able to get in front of her.  We think there could be an Olympic speed walking record on the cards!

Martin Honeywill (1965 - 2019)

Training and Support Director

A key member of Kinesys since 2005 Martin headed up our technical support department as well as overseeing product training for our customers worldwide.  His in-depth knowledge of the Kinesys product range as well as approachable teaching style made him a hit with all the customers he met.

Martin is sorely missed by both his friends and colleagues at Kinesys but also by the wider automation community

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