The smaller model, PWI-20, based on the BT-200, offers an ELL (Entertainment Load Limit) of 227kg, moving at 2.2m/s in single or two line versions. This machine pairs with the 4kW Kinesys Pulse drive, which is offered in 200V, 208V, 400V and 480V versions for deployment anywhere worldwide.

The larger model, PWI-30, based on the BT2-300, is for more substantial venues with traditional line-set requirements. It is a zero-fleet drum winch providing speeds up to 2.2 m/s with a lifting capacity of 1000kg across 6 lines and a stroke of 20m. It is suitable for use in locations with 400V or 480V supplies, it can be deployed in all venues where more substantial loads must be moved.

With countless miles and hours of movement accumulated in the world’s most prestigious performance venues in the years since these winches were first launched, they are already proven in the field and are now available as part of the Pulse range of products.


Kinesys Pulse Winch Install

The Kinesys Pulse Winch Install range is curated from the industry-standard TAIT BT2 winch range to offer two models optimised for permanent installation projects.

  • Features

    • Zero-fleet
    • Multiple mounting orientations
    • Slim design, 200mm or 300mm spacing between adjascent linesets in winch arrays
    • Proven industry design and technology
    • SIL3 Safety Encoder for software adjustable ultimate limits
    • Performer Flying rated
    • Dual, silent, monitored brakes


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