The Kinesys Pulse drives are single-axis drives in 4kW, 7.5KW and 22kW sizes, which provide an impressive powerhouse for precision position control, with local touch-panel operation and Navigator technology built-in.  They provide an efficient alternative to the multi-axis Motor Control Cabinets, traditionally deployed for installation projects.

The 4kW model is the ideal size for use with the Kinesys Pulse Flexi winch or the Kinesys Pulse Install Winch PWI-20.


Kinesys Pulse Drive 4kW

  • Features

    • Variable speed drive for controlling Kinesys winches
    • Compatible with iQ and Navigator
    • Operational front panel with 7” display and local controls
    • Key switches for local control, muting, and test functions
    • Mains input and winch connections via Harting cables
    • EtherCON connectors for 1G NAV:net connection
    • Wall mounted steel cabinet
    • Low noise, variable speed cooling
    • Convection-cooled braking resistors in a separate rear chamber
    • SIL3 rated, suitable for performer flying applications

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    Dimensions: 700mm x 350mm x 375mm (27.6″ x 13.8″ x 14.8″)

    Rated voltage: 208V or 400-480V 3phase + Earth

    Typical input current: 23A @ 208V, 14A @ 400-480V

    Peak output current: 37A @ 208V, 20A @ 400-480V