Apex represents the state of the art in variable speed chain hoist control.  Both the controller and hoists are built to Kinesys’ exacting specification which allows for numerous features to be available to the operator.

It has all the features you would expect like SIL3 safety and DGUV 17 compliance, sub millimetre precision and true zero speed hover.  It also contains some less common like truly silent brakes, intelligent duty cycle management and real-time data logging.

Apex is compatible with all Kinesys’ existing software control solutions which allows for seamless integration into existing systems.  The Mentor series 4 range provide the necessary interfaces to allow Apex’s new safety over data technology to work alongside our existing product ranges.

Ease of use has always been central to Kinesys product design.  True to that philosophy is the ability to daisy chain power between drives using industry standard Ceeform or L21-30 cable.  The safety over Ethernet technology in Apex also allows the data to be daisy chained through the drives using standard Ethercon cabling reducing the cable runs required to connect the system.

The on-board safety features also means that custom power distribution is not required for the Apex system, you can either use the Kinesys PD designed for the Apex range or your own existing stock if you prefer.

SIL3 monitoring of speed, ramps, load, position and brakes means that any application can be supported by Apex and when working with the Mentor 4 controllers groups of hoists can be assigned and protected at a SIL3 level as well.


  • Features

    • SIL3 compliant with all applicable safety standards (EN61508-SIL3, DIN56950, BS, FEM)
    • True zero speed – zero speed load holding with open brakes
    • Manual controls on the front panel for ease of use
    • Touchscreen display for feedback and diagnostics
    • Capable of running both 500 and 1250 versions of Apex chain hoist
    • Safety over Ethernet for fully networked system using standard Ethercon cables
    • Power and data daisy chain for simplified cabling
    • Industry standard power connectors
    • No special power distribution required
    • Truss mounting plate option with ¼ turn Zeus fasteners to fix to Apex drive
    • 3U 19” rack compatible with optional Rack Fixing kit

    Hoist Connection

    • 1 x Multi-function Harting connector

    Mains Connections

    • 5-pin 32A ‘Ceeform’ plug and link through socket to IEC60309 (400V version)
    • 5-pin 30A L21-30 plug and link through socket (208V version)

    Control Connections

    • Neutrik Ethercon RJ45 in and link out