Building on the popularity of the original, the apexHOIST 500 Servo is our latest variable speed electric chain hoist designed to meet the latest international safety standards, including DGUV 17 (BGV C1) and the forthcoming European standard EN 17206.

The hoist is powered by an apexDRIVE v2 and can be operated by Kinesys and TAIT automation platforms, including Vector, K2, iQ and Navigator. The hoist has an integrated SIL3 load cell, dual quiet brakes with brake monitoring and an SSI absolute encoder.

apexHOIST 500 Servo

  • Features

      • Variable speed, electric chain hoist
      • Can be operated by all Kinesys and TAIT automation platforms
      • Compatible with existing Kinesys apexHoist products
      • Complies with international safety standards


          • Rated Voltage: 400 V AC ±10% (via apexDRIVE v2)
          • Power: 3-phase + neutral + ground 400VAC, 6A nominal, 10A peak
          • Motor: Synchronous Servo
          • Drive Type Closed loop Servo
          • Duty Cycle: 50% / 100% with optional hoist fan cooling
          • Load: 500 kg (BGV C1 8:1 safety factor)
          • Lift Height (Maximum): 76.0 m
          • Maximum Speed: 610 mm/s
          • Acceleration: 610 mm/s²
          • Control Interface via apexDRIVE v2 / Data and safety over Ethernet with Mentor 400 safety controller


          • Dimensions (L x W x H)L: 645 mm x 320 mm x 335 mm
          • Weight (Hoist with Chain for 23 m Lifting Height): 82 kg
          • Weight (chain): 1.4 kg/m
          • Chain: ø7.92 mm black phosphate
          • Maximum Cable Distance to Drive: 75 m


          • CE
          • EU Machinery Directive EU EMC Directive DGUV 17 (BGV C1)


          • SIL3 (EN 62061) PLe (EN ISO 13849)