This unit provides 32A of emergency stop switched power through two 32A three-phase Ceeform outlets.

A single-phase auxiliary outlet is provided for technical use. The three-phase outlets are protected with an adjustable RCD. Along with power and status indicators, the unit includes Transform 485 functionality providing an interface between Vector or K2 and Elevation v2.

Multiple fixing for hook/elevation_1 clamps or half couplers allow for a variety of mounting orientations.

Array Mini PD-ES

  • Features

    • Power distribution and emergency stop system contained in a compact case
    • Two 32A three-phase Ceeform outlets protected with an adjustable RCD
    • Single phase auxiliary outlet
    • Adjustable RCD
    • Multiple fixing points for hook clamps or half couplers


    Mains Input/Output

    • 5-pin 32A Red ‘Ceeform’ type plug to IEC60309
    • 2 x 5pin 32A ‘Ceeform’ type socket to IEC60309
    • 1 x 16A ‘Ceeform’ type IEC60309 3 pole connector


    Control Connections

    • Ethercon for connection to Vector or K2
    • 2 x XLR7 outputs


  • 07/04/2011

    Array Mini PD-ES units come with either a 9pin or a 22pin emergency stop connector. When using multiple units that have different connectors, an adapter cable needs to be used to link them together.

    We offer two adapter cables to resolve this issue:

    STP-00-0130  22 pin Socapex Female – 9 Pin Female

    STP-00-0140  22 pin Socapex Male – 9 Pin Female

    For further information on these cables or to order one please contact your nearest Kinesys distributor.

    When using multiple Array Mini PD-ES units, each one needs a unique IP address. This is set via dip switches on the unit, information on how to do this is here.