The series 4 range of Mentor controllers adds further features to the Mentor safety controller family.  It has SIL3 safety over Ethernet at its core and can communicate with and safely control up to 60 devices at any one time.

Mentor series 4 uses the emergency stops and enable switches (dead man’s handles) common across the Mentor range.  It also includes Universal Device Interface (UDI) connections that allow Elevation, DigiHoist and other legacy systems to integrate into the Mentor infrastructure.

Safe groups are central to the Mentor series 4 capabilities.  This feature allows devices to be grouped together with a SIL3 rating so that an error on any one of the grouped devices will stop the entire group.  Groups can be created and deleted by the user from the touchscreen interface with any changes being confirmed via a key-switch to ensure these actions are only performed by authorised personnel.

The inclusion of a Console/Pendant connector allows the Dimension pendant to be connected directly to the Mentor making it quick and easy to get a system up and moving.

Mentor Series 4

  • Features

    • Control up to 60 devices from a single unit
    • Emergency Stop and Enable Switches to SIL3
    • SIL3 safety data both to and from compatible devices
    • SIL3 device grouping capabilities
    • 7” touchscreen for configuration and diagnostics
    • Optional fibre connections for long distance connections
    • Universal Device Interface connections for non-Apex systems
    • 4U 19” rack format


    Mains Connection

    • Neutrik Powercon True1 in and link out


    Control Connections

    • 8 x Apex Safety over Ethernet – Neutrik Ethercon RJ45
    • 2 x Apex Safety over Fibre Ethernet (optional) – Neutrik OpticalCon QUAD
    • 2 x EVO v2 Ethernet Data – Neutrik Ethercon RJ45
    • 3 x MIL10 Combined Emergency stop and DMH
    • 3 x MIL10 Emergency Stop only
    • 1 x MIL19 Console/Pendant Input
    • 2 x Universal Device Interface connections for non-Apex devices