Kinesys joins TAIT FAQ

Why did Kinesys join the TAIT group?
In TAIT we saw a unique opportunity to expand our product range and offer our customers technology that had previously been the exclusive preserve of only the very biggest acts in the world. By sharing our respective experiences and expertise we can bring those spectacular solutions to the Kinesys family in integrated and affordable packages.

Will I still be able to buy all the products that I can now.
Yes, Kinesys will carry on building and selling all our current product families. Any changes we do make will be part of the ongoing improvement policy that we have always had. Our policy is the same as it has always been; everything we make works together seamlessly.

In addition over the next 6-12 months new products will come online mixing together the best of TAIT and Kinesys to complement Kinesys’ existing product range.

Has the Kinesys rental policy changed?
No. Our rental policy is the same as it has always been, we only rent to Kinesys customers. One of the benefits to our customers of Kinesys joining the TAIT group is that we will be adding some of TAIT’s iconic products to our rental inventory making them available to our customers to complement their existing offerings.

Our intention is not to change what we do but rather to do it bigger and better by offering more choice and features than ever before.

Will I be able to rent TAIT products from Kinesys?
In the coming months and years you will see new products combining the best of TAIT and Kinesys. Those products will be available to purchase through Kinesys or your local distributor and then, as now, you will be able to supplement those purchases with rental products.

Who do I deal with at Kinesys now?
You will continue to deal with all the same Kinesys people you always have. All our existing people are staying in place both customer facing and behind the scenes.

Have your email addresses or phone numbers changed?
No. All the contact information you have for Kinesys and Kinesys USA stays the same.

Have any of your addresses or banking facilities changed?
No. If you are a customer then all the company’s details stay the same, our banking details, VAT number, company number and collection addresses are all the same. If you are a supplier then please continue to deliver to the same location you have previously.

Can I still get training on Kinesys products?
Absolutely. In fact, one of the first things you will notice is that we are creating two Centres of Excellence for Training. One in the UK at Kinesys’ facility in Hampton and in the USA it will be based at TAIT’s headquarters in Lititz, PA.

Will I see any pricing changes from Kinesys?
Kinesys pricing will not change as a consequence of Kinesys joining the TAIT group.

Can I buy TAIT products through Kinesys (or vice versa)?
The two companies will continue to focus on what they do best. Kinesys will produce premium automation products for sale to the entertainment industry. TAIT will continue to deliver complete solutions to live events, installations and experiences. Consequently product orientated sales will continue to go through Kinesys and end to end solutions through TAIT.

Will my current Kinesys products become obsolete or be phased out and if so, when?
Kinesys continues to build products that it designs until such time as a superior direct replacement is released or the components that make up that product cease to be commercially available. An example of this upgrade policy was the Smart 8 which we superseded by DigiHoist. Apex and Elevation however serve different markets and customers so we continue to produce and sell both products. We always have and will continue to support all the products that we build.

Will Kinesys continue to update and upgrade Software/Firmware as usual?
Our policy with both Vector and K2 has always been to offer free upgrades. We continue to develop, sell and support both products.

When will I be able to combine TAIT and Kinesys products on the same system?
A goal of both companies has always been to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use our products. Now that Kinesys are part of the TAIT group that naturally means that in time we will be able to offer the ability to work with both companies on the same projects and shows. We will release more information once these integrations are in place.

Will I have to buy TAIT Navigator to run my Kinesys?
Kinesys will always sell software that is able to control Kinesys products. You won’t need to buy software from TAIT in order to control products bought from Kinesys.