Available Now – New and Improved Elevation Hoist

After many years of trusty service, we are retiring our Elevation Liftket Chain Hoist and launching a new and improved Elevation Hoist. Liftket are replacing the body style that we currently utilise with a new style based around their Stageket hoist. This change will be incorporated into our forthcoming Elevation Hoists, capitalising on the benefits of the latest manufacturing developments. The hoist will also share a lot of mechanical parts with our top of the range ApexHOIST 500 model.

The current model of Elevation Liftket will still be available while stocks last, and we anticipate being able to take orders for them until the end of 2018. However, from 2019 onwards all of our Liftket based Elevation Hoists will be manufactured using the new style Stageket body

Specifications for lifting capacity and speed are identical to our previous model for both the 500kg and 1000kg D8 models. Brand new features include:

· New Latching Chain Hook to match the Apex range
· Black chain supplied as standard to match the Apex range
· 24m Height of Lift as standard to match the Apex range

Dimensioned drawings for the new hoist can be downloaded below.


Externally the hoists are practically identical, with only a slight difference to the dimensions, and an updated chain bag bracket.

Available in the following models in both 208V and 400V versions:
· 250kg D8+ 24m/min
· 500kg D8+ 12m/min
· 500kg D8 24m/min
· 1000kg D8 12m/min

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