Kinesys expands HQ

As companies grow so do their needs, which is why we're extremely proud to announce the acquisition of a fourth unit for our UK headquarters. Unit 1 is a significant upgrade to our previous base of manufacturing, providing the team with the floor space to meet customer demands and meet ever reducing delivery time requests. With a custom built mezzanine and triple the office space, there’s scope for further expansion over the coming years.

Unit 5, which has been loyally serving as our shop factory since 2011 has become the company’s warehouse store, and the stock piling of products for rental and sale has already begun, with an aim to reduce lead times for orders in 2019.

Dave Weatherhead, Kinesys MD had this to say:

“Having to expand is always a good problem to have, and with this latest move we’ve future proofed the workshop and operations centre for the short to medium term. Orders have been increasing year on year since we started the company, and now we’re in a position where we can start building and stockpiling some of our more popular products. It’s also great having all of our departments under one roof, I’ve already noticed the benefits to teamwork and communication through doing this.” 

Unit 9 will still serve as our training facility, though it will be significantly expanded as we finally have space to properly store some of the larger bespoke products we’ve manufactured over the years.

Many thanks go out to our customers, partners, suppliers, family and friends – after all, we could not have done this without you.

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