Creating an EN17206 compliant system for fixed-speed hoists

Producers have a responsibility to audiences, performers and crew to deliver a safe show. What “safe” actually means, and how to achieve it is defined by 2020’s EN 17206, “Entertainment technology. Machinery for stages and other production areas. Safety requirements and inspections”.

As an industry-leader, Kinesys team members form part of the group that developed the EN 17206 standard. With producers increasingly demanding compliance to safeguard their shows, it’s come to light that some legacy equipment developed before the standards existed could be deemed obsolete.

Fixed speed chain hoists are a prime example, but the good news is that by deploying a combination of the Kinesys Digihoist controller, and Kinesys Libra load monitoring products, rigs containing fixed-speed chain hoists can be upgraded to comply with the requirements of EN 17206.

We’ve created this simple guide to show you how to use Kinesys products to ensure fixed-speed chain hoist compliance with the EN 17206 standard.

You can view this guide by clicking the image below

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