Track and Field - Tim Berrett

Tim Berrett
Olympic Race Walker

A competitive race walker, you may ask? Yes, race walking is a highly competitive and recognized sport as well as an Olympic Track and Field Event. The sport commands international respect, with a strong race walker able to outpace an average runner! Top athletes are capable of maintaining speeds of close to 6 minutes per mile over 12.4 miles.

One such athlete is Tim Berrett of Edmonton, Alberta. Tim is an incredible five-time Olympian, a Silver Medallist from the 1994 Commonwealth Games and a Bronze Medallist from the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. He has competed in the last nine World Championships in Athletics, from 1991 to 2007, as well as set numerous International and National Records for road, indoor and track race walking. His diversity and discipline as a competitor are apparent when looking at his titles and rankings: he has won events from 1500m to 50km and has been named the Canadian Champion for 20km an incredible eleven years. In total, he has won fifteen national titles since 1990.

With a personal best time of 1:21:46 for 20km in Victoria in 2000 and 3:50:20 for 50km set in 2004 in Tijuana, Tim is undeniably speedy, but even he can't "outwalk" the rays of the sun. He is now gearing up for his primary goal for the coming year, to compete at the IAAF World Championships in Athletics, to be held in Berlin, Germany in early August. This would be his tenth appearance at the World Championships. With all the preparation involved for this event, we know Tim will be spending long hours outside, so we're glad that he will be well covered by the entire line of KINeSYS products throughout his training.

"In training, I cover up to 200km a week. I often give my feet a break with the use of KINeSYS Foot Spray; and my muscles get relief from KINeSYS Analgesic Sport Stick."

Recent Achievements:
1st - 2008 Canadian National Championships, Windsor, CAN (20km)
1st - 2008 Burnaby Spring Race Walk, Vancouver, CAN (50km)
1st - 2007 Canadian Championship, Windsor, CAN (20km)
19th - 2007 World Championships, Osaka, JPN (50km)
1st - 2007 Portuguese Grand Prix, POR (20km)
2008 Canadian Olympic Team Member

"My chosen event (50km racewalk) is the longest footrace in the track and field program, lasting almost 4 hours and often takes place on courses that provide little shade. I make sure that I apply KINeSYS sunscreen before every competition. There's enough pain to deal with at the end of a 50km without the added discomfort of sunburn!"