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Team Tecnu Extreme Adventure Racing
Adventure Racing

From L to R: Paul Meade, "Earring" Doug Judson, Charlie Kharsa, and Iona Mackenzie

"Team Tecnu Extreme/Esprit de Corp Adventure racing is comprised of ultra endurance athletes who by natural progression, turned to adventure racing as a means to continue to test their limits of human endurance.

Winners of the Sea to Summit, overall champions of the Tahoe Big Blue series, the Bahamas Extreme Challenge, the Four Winds adventure race, the Sierra Summit, and top finishers at the USARA Nationals, the Fogdog Nationals, the Hi-Tec series, and many more, this team is poised with KINeSYS's help, to have an incredible 2008.  

We will be doing six races to include the Endorphion Fix, and are hoping for a top 10 finish at the Primal Quest World Championship June 2008. our teams strengths are our biking and paddling abilities, as well as navigation and ability to suffer more than others.  

We firmly believe that pain is weakness leaving the body, and this team carries with them over 70 years combined of multi-sport racing experience, which sets us apart from many of our competitors.

We have an incredible Queen of our Machine in Iona Mackenzie who just posted the fastest bike splits and 5th fastest time ever at the Ultraman in Hawaii in November, and she will be the driving force that gets us atop the podium this year.

Together this team is a force to be reckoned with, and we thank KINeSYS for their affiliation with the team, and for providing us with products that allow us to go hard and fast with as little discomfort as possible.  

Thanks again for generating products that back up what they say they will do." 

Team Tecnu Extreme adventure racing team members include:
"Earring" Doug Judson
Charlie "Sherpa" Kharsa
Iona "Queen of the Machine" Mackenzie
Paul "Speed Demon" Meade
Adrian "Ados" Crane
Rob "Nav God" Beaucham

"Kinesys products work better than anything else that we have tried.  Greaseless, long lasting, easy spray bottle application, does what it's supposed to do, and protects us from the elements. Kinesys products are a staple in our gear boxes, and help us focus on the task at hand, racing hard. Thanks for developing products that we can truly believe in."