Surfing Testimonials

"KINeSYS is the best spray-on sunscreen for the surf world... goes on fast, easy and dries without feeling like I've covered myself with wax. Best of all is that is lasts and it is so easy to reapply when needed."
Wingnut aka Robert Weaver

"Your products are super I've used them for years now...I'm a surfer and boarder moving to Oz."

"I've been in the sun 24/7 for quite a while now and ever since I started using KINeSYS...I've NEVER been sunburned. Even when I go boogie boarding I don't get sunburned. Same with skating for 5-7 hours. I don't even get pink or slightly bright."
Nick Whittemore

"Kinesys stays on when you need it most in and out of the water. After surfing for 3 hours I can be confident that it will still be protecting me. I am really stoked on the face stick because of the easy application and that I don't have to worry about spilling any sunscreen anywhere. Kinesys is probably one of the best sunscreens I have used and I don't have to spend $40 for a little tiny tube that globs up on my face when I try to put it on."
Thanks for everything guys!

"I just got back from a surf trip in Indo and used your product the whole time surviving 4-5 hour surf sessions. Not a single added wrinkle or burn. Awesome!!! Thanks for such a great product. What I really love about Kinesys "as a surfer" is that you can use it on your legs and arms and it doesn't make the board slippery. Most sunscreens don't accomplish this."
Happy Customer,
Steph Hoffman
La Jolla Shores Surfing Association

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