Sailing Testimonials

We found that the sun was very strong in China and Kinesys did not allow us to burn what so ever, Even with out reapplication during the day. Always found it hard to reapply as we are sweaty and full of salt water.
Oliver Bone
2008 Canadian Sailing Team

"KINeSYS is the best spray-on sunscreen for the surf world... goes on fast, easy and dries without feeling like I've covered myself with wax. Best of all is that is lasts and it is so easy to reapply when needed."
Wingnut aka Robert Weaver

"Your products are super I've used them for years now...I'm a surfer and boarder moving to Oz."

"For the past year I have been using a number of your skin care products and found them to be outstanding in the sport of sailing. Water sports require only the best products, capable of withstanding extreme conditions for lengthy periods of time. In many ways, sailing is probably the harshest test for any sunscreen product. Sun combined with water and wind produces an abrasive mirror reflecting the sun at all exposed areas of the body. Most often, sailing events are scheduled for days and even weeks of competition. The KINeSYS product formula is very good because it lasts extremely well when exposed to water, is gentle on the most sensitive skin, has a smell that is NOT overpowering and bonds to the skin with a non-sticky, oil-free touch. KINeSYS has packaged their product in a functional soft spray bottle for the purpose of convenient storage and application. I take every opportunity to share these products with my race competitors because I believe in the product. I would like to see KINeSYS skin care products sold at every sailing club in the world. Safe sailing."
Tony Arends

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