Running - Matthew Hart

Matthew Hart
Professional Ultra Distance Athlete and Coach

Born 03/05/75 Portsmouth, NH
Currently Training in the Tetons

Full Race Resume:

Racing Schedule and Focus:
I have some things coming up that I'm really excited about. I am joining Karl Meltzer on his attempt to break the Appalachian Trail Record. I'm running the entire 281 mile Maine section with him starting on Mount Katahdin. After a few weeks to recover I am then running the Transrockies Ultra through the Colorado mountains. I then find myself in Virginia where I'll run the Grindstone 100 mile ultramarathon. Should be a blast!

2008 Racing Highlights:
1st place: Devil's Backbone 50 Mile Ultramarathon - Bozeman, MT
1st place: Big Horn 50 Mile Ultramarathon - Dayton, WY
3rd place overall: 3 Days of Syllamo - Syllamo, AR
1st place: 50km Day 1 5th place: 50 miles Day 2
1st place: 20km Day 3
1st place: Orcas Island 50km Ultramarathon - Orcas Island, WA

2007 Racing Highlights:
2nd place: Grand Teton 100 Mile Ultramarathon - Alta, WY
1st place: Mount Hood PCT 50 Mile Ultra - Mount Hood, OR
2nd place: TRIOBA 12 Hour Adventure Race - Snoqualmie, WA
1st place: Big Horn Wild & Scenic 50k Ultra - Dayton, WY
1st place: Mount Blanchard Ultra (33 miles) - Alger, WA
1st place: TRIOBA Sprint Adventure Race - Ellensburg, WA
2nd place: HURT 100km Ultra-Marathon - Oahu, HI (second fastest time ever run)
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