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True Sport
Pure Sports Movement

True Sport is a social movement powered by people who believe that sport can transform lives and communities - if we do it right. True Sport members across Canada are committed to community sport that's healthy, fair, inclusive, and fun. True Sport members stand together against cheating, bullying, aggressive parental behaviour, and win-at-all-costs thinking.

Anyone who has joined True Sport and continues to train and compete according to the True Sport Principles is part of the Movement. True Sport includes every sport at every level: from little-leaguers to Olympians, from archery and hockey to basketball and track. True Sport also includes communities whose leaders understand that participatory sport is a powerful driver of health and social connectedness in cities and towns across the country.

KINeSYS has just become a proud True Sport member and joins millions of other Canadians who believe that good sport can make a great difference! We believe that when communities play ethically, they live ethically too - a sentiment that guides the way we do business. From our commitment to "Giving Back" through environmental awareness, to our dedication to a product that works to help athletes "Stay Healthy" - the True Sport Principles are truly at the heart of our organization.

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