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"KINeSYS is the only sunscreen that I will use for my family. I have two red heads and they have never burned using your product. My son, who was 8 at the time, burned so badly one summer using another sunscreen that his entire back blistered and peeled several times before returning to a normal skin tone again. It made me sick. And also made me realize that not all sunscreens are the same."
J Thomas
MultiSport Event Management

"My name is Tim Nielsen. I live in Windsor, Colorado. I am emailing you from the Miami airport. My wife and I are returning from a two week trip to Aruba. Before we left, we purchased a couple of bottles of KinEsys from REI in Denver. I am trilled to report that after a minimum of 4-6 hours a day, everyday, of constant sun exposure at the beach, snorkelling, and sailing, we NEVER got sunburned. Our hair may be bleached, but our skin was completely protected."
"I was recently turned onto your product while visiting friends in Florida. I fell in love, it went on easily and was not all greasy and sticky which made for a very happy 5 year old. We are very much into using sun block as my husbands mother passed away last year from melenoma."

"We're Canadians just wrapping up a 2 week vacation in very sunny southwest Florida and were just sitting around extolling the virtues of your sunscreen. Wanted to take a moment (as I too rarely do) to thank you for your fantastic products. I've been using them religiously for the past few years on myself and kids (and now my mother ) and I sing the praises on a regular basis. Yours is the first product that has felt good to wear and not given me a rash - I'm thrilled to be outside in the weather I love best without suffering."

Sheila B & family
"I am a long time, loyal KINeSYS customer who purchases your sunscreen exclusively for our three children, ages 11, 11 and 6. We tell all of our friends and family about your great, effective products."

"Dear Kinesys, I want to congratulate you on your beautiful line of sunscreen products. When I decided to try your brand of sunscreen and I was glad I trashed the good old Coopertone brand. Your sun screen products are priced great and make my skin miraculously soft, healthy, and protected. I've been on your web-site a lot in the past months to check on new information, you guys make things pretty simple. I have been so ecstatic about your sunscreen products that I gave some to my gym friends, and school mothers to try. They loved them too and appreciated the fact that they made they made their skin feel great and were affordable."

Amy M.
"I just wanted to let your company know how much my family and daughter respects your wonderful kids sunscreen and awesome girls sunscreen. It is so rare in this economy for a company to have such quality sunscreen products for a reasonable cost and I wanted to give Kinesys my wholehearted appreciation.
Thank you, Nick M- NJ."
"We have battled our son's eczema this whole life. The other spray sunblocks out there dry him out and throw him into an awful outbreak of eczema to the point of cracking and bleeding. Your product allows him to go outside and me to know his skin will stay calm. Thank goodness for Kinesys!!"
"Kinesys is a lifesaver!! Our 4 year old son has had awful eczema since he was a baby. Anything we have used in the past has flared the rash like crazy. Not only does the Fragrance Free Kinesys keep his skin calm and burn-free, but it is SO EASY to apply!! When my kids are itching to go out to the pool, all I need to do is spray them quickly and they are off!! No complaining of it taking too long or not rubbing in as with other sunscreens. Kinesys will be in our family for as long as you make it!!! Thank you for making this wonderful product!!" Michelle A.
"The ease of application an guaranteed total coverage every time, combined with the great smell of Kinesys spray on sunscreen make it our families choice every day. From the heat and humidity of Hawaii and Sydney, to the burning dry heat of Boulder Colorado, Kinesys comes everywhere with us. We love it."
Nerida Alexander (wife of 2008 Ironman Champion Craig Alexander)
"We were first introduced to Kinesys sunscreen in 2005 on our annual winter vacation. Being Canadians, by the time January roles around we're pretty pale. With Kinesys sunscreen no burning, no suffering and best of all keeps up with my busy kids - who are always in and out of the water. The best sunscreen by far. A must summer and winter."
Shelley - Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
"Hi again, I wrote you a couple years ago when I found your product for my twins girls (Cindy & Cassandra) then 3 years old. They are now almost 6 yrs old and I was so happy to finally find your sunscreen in Toronto. Two years ago I only found small trial size bottles 1 fl oz in Toronto, I bought all of them in the store (I was just running out when I found them again today).

Your product is amazing (easy to apply on children and myself, especially on the head, it doesn't grease up the hair and protects the scalp when they take their hats off) and I am informing all my friends (especially with children) about it. I will now even buy it as a present, (going to a birthday party today) just so people can see for free how excellent it is.

I'm sure everyone will change to just your product (your spray bottle is the best in the world, doesn't clog and sprays a very fine mist). Thank you so much for expanding your product to be available in Toronto and making applying sunscreen so much easier and quicker. Once again, thank you."
Heidi D.
"I first found KINeSYS sunscreen 2 years ago. Getting out the door with two 4 year olds is a long job. This sunscreen is quick and easy to apply. I love the quality and the time it saves me. Thank you."
Ruth T.
"I am looking for a retailer of your skin sun products near me. I borrowed my sister in law's sunscreen while we were visiting San Diego and just loved it. It was so easy to apply to my kids - a great product."
Vicky P.
"I recently purchased a small spray bottle of your sunscreen lotion SPF 30. I found it to be excellent. My 3-year-old son absolutely freaks out at the mention of sunscreen lotion. This of course is a bad thing as a battle ensues every time we want to go outside for play activity. I asked my wife to try your product to see if it made any difference. Well guess what it's made a huge difference. No more fights and he seems to look forward to using it. Thanks for your help and it is a great product. Cheers."
Len H.

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