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John Hastings
Canadian National Kayak Team

It all started for John at the age of 16, when inspired by Canadian athletes at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, he realized that his dream was to also one day represent Canada at the Olympics. As a member of the Canadian Junior National Kayak Team at the time, he knew that he would need to become the best in the country and that would require dedication and sacrifice.

At 18, John was presented with the opportunity to re-locate to Ottawa Ontario to train full-time at the National Team training center. Although he would miss his family and friends he knew it was a move he had to make.

With the move from Aurora, John gained much experience and knowledge from his new coaches and from training abroad. He began to climb the national rankings, and in 2006 he made the National Team, qualifying second overall. Finally John would be representing Canada on the World Cup Circuit, and that much closer to his Olympic Dreams.

In 2008, after narrowly missing out on going to the Beijing Olympics, John bounced back and claimed the Canadian National Championships. A title he is determined to retain in 2009. As well as being the National Champion, John is also deeply involved in supporting his community. He is an integral member of the Clean Air Champions Program and spends much of his off time speaking with schools and community groups on the importance of protecting the environment, setting goals and chasing your dreams.

2009 Race Highlights:

6th International Race - Australian Team Selections (Penrith, Australia)
15th Australian Open (Penrith, Australia)

2008 Race Highlights:
1st Canadian National Championships (Jonquierre, Quebec)
1st International "C" Race (Roundince, CZ)
1st BCE Team Trial Qualifier (Washington, DC)
2nd March Madness Series Race #2 (Charlotte,NC)
2nd US Open (Nantahala Outdoor Center, NC)
2nd March Madness Series Race #1 (Charlotte, NC)
3rd Day #2 and #3 Canadian Team Trials
6th World Series #1 - B Final (Australia)

2007 Race Highlights:
11th World Cup #1 (Prague, Czech Republic)
1st Ontario Championships (MKC, ON)
2nd Canadian National Championships (Chilliwack, BC)
3rd Canadian National Team Trials (Charlotte, NC)
4th HIT Series Slalom (Slovenia)
4th Tatra Slalom / Pre-European Cahmpionships (Slovakia)
6th Pan American Championships
8th International Slalom Race (Slovenia)
12th International Slalom Race (Slovenia)
13th Pre-Olympic Test Event (Beijing, China)
45th World Championships (Brazil)