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LPGA Tour Testimonials

"Kinesys sunscreen is great! The spray bottle makes application easy even on the golf course. Kinesys smells wonderful and makes my skin look very healthy."

Tonya Gill
"It is the best sunscreen that I have used; it not only deflects the sun's uva rays, but also leaves your skin shiny and non-greasy. Application spray for athletes is extremely convenient and very next innovative. Lasting power is what sold me, as my skin did not burn after 9 holes, in fact lasted the whole day."

Smriti Mehra
"After my first experience with KINeSYS sunscreen, I was hooked. The sunscreen stick applicator made for easy application while on the golf course. Unlike many of the other sunscreens I have tried, KINeSYS was non-greasy and long lasting. I also was able to use it on my four month old daughter who had no allergic reaction. I was able to do my job in comfort while being protected from the sun at the same time. I will continue using KINeSYS as my first choice of sun screen protectant."

Ashli Bunch
"What I like most about the Kinesys sunscreen product is that it works equally well on and off the course. After seeing the results, I've had friends ask me where they could get some for their personal use."

Karin Sjodin
"I really enjoy the products protection, lack of greasiness and the variety of forms/packaging it comes in (spray/lotion/tube)"

Moira Dunn
"The Kinesys sunscreen product is the first of its kind that I have found to work well regardless of the conditions. Even in the hottest Arizona sun, I always feel like I have sufficient protection from the sun regardless of how long I am out on the course."

Jeanne Cho
This entire off-season I spent at the dermatologist. I had a malignant pre-melanoma removed and that really opened my eyes to sun care and prevention. I am known among my friends as the sunblock queen and Kinesys is one product that allows me to relax and focus on golf and not worry about having enough protection from the sun.

Kris Tamulis
"Kinesys is the next big thing in sunscreen. It provides me with maximum protection when I'm on or off the course."

Becky Morgan
"From the first time I used Kinesys I knew it was the real deal. I have never been able to reapply sunscreens on the course due to the greasy film it leaves on my hands. But with the Kinesys spray bottle, I love the non-greasy application, and the fact that you can't even tell that it is on. Props to Jeff and his staff, this stuff is GREAT!!!"

Jenny Gleason
More Golf Testimonials

"I am a pro tour representative for a major golf company on the Champion's, Nationwide and LPGA Tours. I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to try your wonderful sunscreen products. The sun protection stick is the only product I've ever tried that does not irritate my eyes! UNBELIEVABLE!!! And the spray is quick, easy and doesn't make you feel like a total greasy mess. Thank you and congratulations on your great products."
Lance Hancock
Callaway Golf

"...just brought some KINeSYS sport spray sunscreen. I love it! I play golf every day. Thanks is a great product."
Fern Calladine
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

"It is the first product that has worked on my fair well as my husbands. Our future son-in-law is on the PGA tour...that how where we were introduced to this product."
Annette D. Kish

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