Freeskiing - Kristen Ulmer

Kristen Ulmer
Professional Freeskier

The title of professional freeskier does little to communicate what Kristen Ulmer actually does. Besides being a skier, Kristen is also an avid rock and ice climber, a paraglider pilot, a mountain and road biker, a world traveler, writer and a motivational speaker. And while she is recognized in the ski industry as "the best female overall skier in the world", this amazing title doesn't even begin to convey the skill and courage it takes to execute the huge flips, first descents, cliff jumps and big-mountain skiing that have made her an industry icon.

Througout her career, Kristen has appeared in over 25 ski films, skied the Grand Teton's 1st female descent, rode alone across India on a mountain bike and skied the sixth highest mountain in the world (Cho-Oyu in Tibet). She has jumped 70-foot cliffs, survived six knee operations and was a member of the U.S. Ski Team as a mogul specialist. These feats have made her the subject of articles in numerous magazines, such as Skiing, Powder, Freeze and Women's Sports (to name a few) and have also put her image in thousands of published photos. Kristen also writes about her experiences herself and has had articles featured in a large number of outdoor magazines. Kristen relays her firsthand knowledge of an adrenaline charged lifestyle as a professional speaker specializing in presentations on risk-taking motivation, fear and women's power. And if fans want to experience what Kristen does personally, she can be hired as a private freeskiing guide and coach.

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