Fishing Testimonials

"Last weekend I had my very first fishing tournament of the year. Needless to say I was concerned about sun burn since my skin has not seen the sun in a very long time, white as a sheet is the term I've heard. My fishing partner Greg Miller let me use his sun screen which happened to be Kinesys spray. How very impressive. After 2 days in the sun and wind I had no trace of a sun burn but the start of a tan. What was so nice is that you just sprayed it on, even my face, and I was protected. I am very impressed and plan on sharing this product with my friends and fellow fishing partners."
Lonnie Lagle

"I have used your product going on my second year now. It is a wonderful product as I can spray it on without rubbing it in and keep my hands free of the scents and oils. This is important in my line of work as a tournament fisherman and fishing guide, as I am always in the sun and it provides me and my clients with great protection from the sun. It is a great design and great product and all my clients that have used it love it."
Captain Dale Helgeson
The Outdoor Experience

"Dear Jeff Kletter, I would like to start by thanking you for taking the time to speak to me at the ICAST show in Las Vegas. I'm the guy who told you that every sunscreen I've used has made me sunburn, until now. Your product is AWESOME!!! I have been using KINeSYS ever since and have not burned. KINeSYS has changed my life, because now I can go out fishing all day long knowing I'm protected. Once again I would like to thank you so much."
Jim Buckles
Hastings Rod Manuf., LLC

"Thanks again for such a great product! I hope you had a successful ICAST. When I got back home I had a chance to do some fishing and the weather was sunny, 85 degrees and beautiful. I was able to break out my new bottle of KINeSYS and was able to enjoy a full day on the water without any reservations or uncomfortable sunburn the following day. I feel much better knowing that KINeSYS is protecting my family. KINeSYS is just as important in my boat as my rods and reels. You have a superior product and I will be a life long customer."
Todd Hammill
VP/GM, Gemini Sport Marketing, Inc.

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