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NRL Racing 

NRL Racing is dedicated to bringing the sport of cycling and active lifestyles to youth around the bay area, in both the junior and U23 (espoir) age groups by having an elite team mentor and coach younger riders. Besides leading training camps and attending races in the fall, spring and summer, The NRL Team hosts climbing, trail running, backpacking and snowboard and skiing events.

NRL Racing also has a goal to spread the awareness of metabolic diseases, such as Obesity, Diabestes, High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides and High Cholesterol. By being active and inspiring the future generations to have healthy, active lifestyles, we can combat these diseases.

As growing athletes, NRL riders and racers develop into motivated individuals with improving skills on the bike, and off the bike as well. NRL Members become highly professional and leaders in their community. As growing leaders and professionals, many of NRL's riders have started cycling teams of their own at the high school and collegiate level. In addition to this members are environmentally conscious by helping build trails and through other no8-profit organizations.

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