Cycling - Matt Drown

Matt Drown
Elite Mountain Bike Racer

Who is Matt Drown? He is a rider through and through. Matt eats, sleeps and breathes mountain bike racing, though he does have a day job: he keeps the power flowing to British Columbia as a mechanical engineer for BC Hydro.

Matt has been mountain bike racing in British Columbia for the past 6 years, with 2003 his first year at the Elite Level. After becoming licensed with the CCA and UCI in the Pro/Elite XC Category, Matt finished the season ranked 10th overall in the BC Cup Series. Matt has had a successful year as an elite competitor, participating in more than 10 events. As part of an experiment into the excitement and craze of triathlon, Matt entered the Alterraman Offroad Triathlon in Campbell River this summer and won his very first event. While frustrating triathletes with the ease of his victory, Matt makes all of us at KINeSYS very happy because he is the perfect example of what we look for in our athletes. While Matt doesn't always win, he is realistic about the goals he sets for himself, sticks to his training schedule and always perseveres in the face of diversity.

This determination becomes evident when looking at the rest of Matt's life. Not one to sit idle on the sidelines in any aspect, Matt is involved in local clubs and community groups whenever he can find time in his busy schedule. His volunteer work includes experience as a Grouse Mountain World Cup Volunteer, a Group Fitness Instructor at a local fitness center, the past president of Power Speakers Toastmasters Club and a Member of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition.

Matt has set some lofty goals for himself for 2004. He wants to place in the top 10 in the overall BC Cup standings and get a top 25 finish at the Squamish Test of Metal. We definitely think he can do it. His race schedule for 2004 includes:

Sea Otter Classic
All BC Cup XC races
Squamish Test of Metal
Gastown Grand Prix
MTB Nationals
BC Cup Finals

Like many of our athletes, Matt is a huge fan and regular user of our Analgesic Muscle Balm. With the maximum strength allowable for topical pain relief, it alleviates muscle aches and pain after the longest rides and the hardest races. While KINeSYS is known for performance sunscreens, our treatment products continue to prove that we know how to protect athletes better than anyone else.

"After a race or a long day in the saddle it provides very soothing muscle relief. Definitely one of the first things I reach for after a race. It is also excellent for getting the muscles warmed up before a race or before a ride on a cold day."