Take a moment to meet professional skiers, triathletes, runners, cyclists and more! These athletes are not only among the top competitors in their sports, they're also some of the fittest people on Earth and they require products that work!

KINeSYS is proud to be associated with these top professional athletes. We also support many "local heroes," grass-root teams and individual athletes.

Hans Florine - Professional Rock Climber

Like all KINeSYS athletes, Hans strives to prove himself outside of the formal competitive arenas of his chosen sport. He holds numerous solo and team speed records on many of the classic big wall routes at Yosemite National Park, a mecca for rock climbers from all over the world. His obsession with speed has driven him to ascend 20 of the rock and peak routes from the book "50 Classics in North America", in only 20 days. And demonstrating that he understands that speed is not the only factor that proves a professional climber, Hans has shown incredible skill having climbed over 60 routes graded a difficulty of 5.13 or higher and completing climbs at heights of over 21,500 feet.

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