Adventure Racing - Kevin Vallely

Kevin Vallely

On January 7, 2009 Kevin Vallely, Ray Zahab and Richard Weber broke the world record for an unsupported trek from Hercules Inlet to the Geographic South Pole, a distance of over 1,100km. The team updated the interactive website daily, adding photos and answering questions from students all over North America. Thousands of students followed the expedition as it unfolded live.

In 2003 Kevin Vallely was named one of Canada's leading adventurers by the Globe and Mail. His adventuring resume is stacked with compelling expeditions to all parts of the world including skiing Alaska’s 1,860-kilometre Iditarod Trail; scampering over Vancouver Island’s West Coast Trail in record time (10 hours, 13 minutes); attempting to bike and climb the island of Java’s 13 -10,000-foot volcanoes (a trip cut short when post-9/11 Indonesia became too dangerous); competing on the only Canadian team to finish the last and most difficult Eco-Challenge adventure race held in Fiji in 2002; retracing a 2,000-kilometre Klondike-era ice-bike route through the dead of an Alaskan winter, and most recently, with teammates Ray Zahab and Richard Weber, breaking the world record for the fastest unsupported trek to the South Pole.

What makes Kevin a little different than your typical adventurer, and in many ways more accessible to a wider audience, is the fact that he’s a happily married father of two and a successful residential architect working in North Vancouver. He graduated from McGill University in 1988 winning the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Medal for top graduating student and shortly after was awarded a prized Commonwealth Scholarship for post-graduate work at Cambridge University in England.

"These days, a prêt-a-porter adventure can be had by any weekend warrior willing to sign a visa slip and a liability waver. But Kevin Vallely’s tests of endurance are of an entirely different scale. Part of a new breed of multi-sport adventure athlete, the 38-year-old Montreal native, Cambridge-educated…former road cyclist got turned on to the wild life when he relocated to Vancouver.” The Globe and Mail

"Having used KINeSYS Sunscreen products for over a decade now, I've come to depend on them as essential kit for all my adventures. Be it crawling through the jungles of Borneo, climbing active volcanoes in Java or racing for a world speed record to the South Pole, I always know I'm protected."